Finite Element Method Course:

August 19 – 23, 2024

Virtual: 8AM-5PM PT (UTC -7)

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      • A well-balanced treatment of theory and application of the use of Finite Element Analysis in solving a wide range of structural problems.
      • The fundamentals of the Finite Element Method and modeling techniques as applied to structural analysis problems.
      • The theory of the Finite Element Methods and several widely used analytical techniques.
      • Learn the formulations of several element types, the isoperimetric formulation of element stiffness matrices, and numerical integration techniques to perform finite element analyses more effectively.
      • The application and limitation of the Finite Element technique for analysis and design of structures.
      • The acceptable means for Verification and Validation techniques of Finite Element Analysis and the results.

Who should attend?

      • Finite Element Modeling Engineers
      • Stress and Design Engineers
      • Design Approval Representatives
      • DAH Engineers, TC and STC holders
      • Anyone who performs finite element analysis
      • Anyone who evaluates and uses finite element analysis results


      • History and evolution of finite element analysis
      • Discussion of various applications to solve structural problems
      • Introduction to mathematical theory
      • Theory of finite element methods including:
        • Direct method
        • Principle of Minimum Potential Energy
      • Formulations of several element types used in the analysis
      • Isoparametric formulation of the stiffness matrices and numerical integrations
      • Discussion of how software solves large scale problems
      • Provide an understanding of the FE technique to aid with setting up the analyses
      • Discuss various techniques used in solving structural problems numerically
      • Present an understanding of the FE technique to aid with post-processing results
      • Enforce all the presented concepts with practical problems and examples
      • Discussion on common errors of the finite element method
      • Typical applications of the Finite Element Method in the aerospace industry
      • Verification and validation of the Finite Element Analysis and results
      • Featuring case studies and examination of major applications of Finite Element Methods